Top 10 Bridal Gown trends for 2019

Welcome to my blog! I’ll be sharing with all my brides-to-be, my picks for the Top 10 Bridal Gown trends for 2019. I know I know it’s a little late, as we are halfway through 2019 already. However, if you haven’t already chosen your gown, you still have a little time, annnnd, I gotchu girl. Whether you’re a modern bride or the more conventional type, I’m sure there’s something here for you. 

 Now let’s just jump right into it shall we? *cues drum roll*

  1. Bows

If your upbringing was anything like mine, then that means bows have been a staple in your wardrobe pretty much all your childhood; from the frilly socks with those tiny satin bows, to the sometimes itchy giant bows on the back of your very fluffy Sunday bests, to bows all over your hair. Well I’m happy to announce, that if you’re still into that sorta thing, bows are back with a vengeance and considered to be a very trendy pick for 2019 brides. I know what you’re thinking, and that was my first thought too “eww, bows are childish”, but once strategically placed, they can bring a chic, sophisticated element to your wedding gown. So are we BOWING out of dress hunting and going with bows?

2. Plunge

Whether it be a plunging neckline or a deep back, plunge is definitely in for 2019. If you’re big on showing off some delicate skin, or embracing that cleavage life, then this style is the pick for you. The good thing about plunge, is that it goes well with pretty much any gown silhouette, so a ball gown, Mermaid cut, Empire or trumpet etc, you really can’t go wrong with a pairing. It’s also very flattering for just about every figure as it elongates your frame and flatters your upper body. Go ahead and take that PLUNGE darling!

3. Minimalist

At some point, we’ve all heard the saying Less is more, however I think Leonardo Davinci captured it best, when he said Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I believe that’s what these brides had in mind when they chose minimalist styles for their wedding gowns, making it another top trend this year. Minimalist designs are straightforward, tailored looks, which carry very little to no trimming or embellishments. Just your glorious body and suave fabric. Some would say it’s boring or plain, but I have to disagree. When wearing a minimalist design, the focus usually shifts to the bride’s figure, hair and make-up. Will you be MINIMIZING your selections by going for a more straightforward look?

4.Jumpsuits/Tailored Pants Suit

Recently I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the number of brides stepping away from the conventional gown, and going for more tailored, clean cut looks. I doubt there were girls who day-dreamed about walking down the aisle, to the love of her life in a pants suit, it was simply unheard of. However, most of our bridal inspiration back then came from Disney movies, the Cinderellas, and the Sleeping Beauties, so this is understandable. At first I too was reluctant to accept the idea that a Jumpsuit or Pantsuit was fitting for a Bride, to me it seemed inappropriate and just…blah, but honeeey, I’ve seen some bridal suits to which gowns have paled in comparison. Annnnnd can you imagine the level of comfort that must come with it too? The only drawback I’m seeing here, is that the traditional garter throw may be bypassed completely, but then again, this trend isn’t for the traditional bride, so the garter throw was probably not in the mix to begin with. Some believe such a style should be reserved for women who aren’t first time brides. I disagree, if this is a trend you really like, then go for it! The best part is, Jumpsuits/pantsuits usually work for all body types. So do you think you’re SUITED to JUMP at this opportunity? Give it a go you may just surprise yourself.

5. Metallic/Sparkly
Shining, shining, shining, shining yea, in the words of my girl Beyoncé, who is notorious for her sparkly gown choices on the red carpet, I am pleased to announce, that shiny is in for 2019! Sequins have been around for decades, but they’ve made a huge come back recently and are now taking over Bridal Runways. Metallic thread is also a big hit this year, and is wealth personified. Honestly, if your aim is to look like you sweat that Mula; go for shiny or sparkly, especially if your wedding is in the late evening. Whether it be glitter, metallic thread, sequins or sparkly beads, just SHINE on!

6. Sheer

Yes, girl, you read right…sheer is in, but as I said earlier, some styles just aren’t for traditional brides. There are those among us who desire the conservative, modest, regal look for their wedding day, then there are those who’s only wish and priority, is to ooze sex appeal. What better way to let your risqué side out, than to show some skin, and LOTS of it, with an ultra-sheer gown. These are best suited for warm summer weddings in the months of July or August, at the beach preferably. In a way, it’s almost like having the best of both worlds. It’s long, flowy and graceful yet you’re covered, but not concealed, and sexy. Care to SHEER? Bare it all doll! *winks*

7. Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves have been in for a while, check out Princess Diana’s wedding gown from her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981. As with any major style, they have evolved and have a fresh, contemporary feel. Statement sleeves are sometimes the difference between looking like a plain Jane and being the Belle of the ball, I’ll take Belle for 500 Alex! Personally, I prefer statement sleeves…why? Because they give personality to a gown. Be they long, billowing varieties, or short accent cap sleeves, they really do something for the whole look. Sometime ago I won a wedding gown design competition and my dress bore removable statement sleeves, (check out my IG @amahlecreates to see pictures). Once removed, my bride was a lot less va va voom and a lot more where’s the champagne. The sleeves can be left on for the ceremony, and removed for the reception. Who doesn’t like a transforming dress? Ready to make a STATEMENT?

8.Capes and Veils

Not all heroes wear capes, and capes aren’t only worn by heroes .Capes add a dash of regality to your gown and are usually the point of emphasis for that particular dress. They have a way ‘jujjing’ up a look and I’m all for the ‘jujjing’. Veils have a long and interesting history, and were once a symbol of humility or respect (among other things) in different cultures. They are now a statement piece in weddings and just like sequins, they too have made a huge come back. We witnessed this with the recent nuptials between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Meghan made headlines when she wore a 16-foot long veil with her very stately wedding gown. More recently, we also saw actress Priyanka Chopra step it up a notch, by donning an extravagant veil, 60 feet in length when she wed Nick Jonas. So you see, when I say veils have made a HUGE come back, I meant that literally. You can also add sparkle, applique and beading to add a little more personality to your veil or cape.

9. 3D Lace

This is honestly one of my favourite trends this year, because it’s a modern twist to a traditional favourite.  3D lace is really just lace with a raised surface, so it’s more 3 dimensional than what we’re used to, and its almost as if you can pick the pattern from the surface. It’s very girly and brings new dimensions, by adding a whole lot of fluff, a great deal of texture and a playful element to your gown, perfect for garden weddings.

10. Ball Gowns…with lots and lots of volume!

Now this is where you can channel your inner Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, and pretty much any Disney princess. Ball Gowns are in, and the bigger, the better. There is just something so enchanting about ball gowns or A-Line dresses. They provide you with a classic romantic feel, but still offer charming contemporary options. If you’re looking to make a dramatic entrance, you’ve found your girl. Paired with an enthralling cathedral veil, or extravagant embellishment, you’ll definitely be the talk of the town for years to come. So you BALLIN or nah?

There is no rule that says these trends have to be worn separately. You can get creative and specific with your choice, by pairing any two or three of these trends. For example, your gown could have a plunging back with a gigantic bow, it could be a ball gown with a cathedral style cape, or it could be a sparkly jumpsuit with statement sleeves and a minimalist bow.

So! Now that I’ve shared my top 10 picks and corny puns with you, I hope my list has opened your eyes to a few more options in your dress hunting. There is always something for everyone, but be careful to not over-do it. The last thing you want is to have too many trends all at once, try to stick to 3 or less, otherwise you’ll be alllll the way over the top…and not in a good way.

Hope to catch you on my next blog post when I talk about Choosing the Right Gown for Your Body Type. Drop me some comments with your feedback and feel free to suggest some topics you’d like me to share on, until then

Happy Shopping and talk soon!

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Bridal Gown trends for 2019

  1. Wow! This post is amazing! I discovered just in time as I am getting married this year and I am so inspired by the looks you’ve posted. You have really captured the essence of what is hot in the bridal world today. I am so excited to start putting these ideas towards my own look. I look forward to your next blog post!

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  2. This is a very timely and informative blog given the fact that we are in the season of blissful weddings.

    Having been a bride myself 18 years ago, Im familiar the overwhelming feeling of trying to decipher the perfect dress to choose from the sea of options given. I think this blog is a very good guide to get all the “brides-to-be” to step outside the “traditional comfort zone” and explore the various different options that are available.

    Ideally, this should be a once in a lifetime special event, so choosing the ideal dress for your special day should be done very carefully and this blog has adequately outlined the key point to look for when saying “Yes To The Dress”!

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