HOT GIRL SUMMER! (Wedding Guest Edition)

If you have a wedding to attend later this year raise your hand. Today’s topic is a HUGE peeve of mine. I mean, I am utterly annoyed that people don’t take care when deciding what is appropriate for a wedding and what is not. Now, this may not be a big deal for others, however for a bride or a self-proclaimed fashionista ( like moi, flips hair) this is of utmost importance. Think about it, you will be immortalized in wedding pictures for decades to come…Exactly! Simmer on that a bit.

Here are the top 5 things to consider when dressing for a wedding

1.The Venue

This is probably your biggest clue to selecting the best attire for the occasion, as just like the weather, the setting dictates what is appropriate. For example, you wouldn’t wear a slinky, summer dress and sandals to a wedding at the grand ballroom of a Hotel, nor would you wear a perfectly tailored sequin ball gown and strappy stiletto heels to a beach wedding…feel me? So, if the wedding is in a more relaxed environment, like say a garden or the beach, you might want to skip out on stilettos and stick to block heels or flats. Stilettos or similar shoe types are simply not conducive to the type of environment you’ll be in, as you’ll constantly be sinking in the sand or soil. Similarly, a heavy ball gown is a big no no for the beach; imagine all that sticky sand being scooped up in the tulle and lace…ew.

2. Dress Code

There are some wedding invitations, which outline a dress code. However while this is a good idea, dress codes can sometimes be a little vague, as they tend to be subjective. I mean what exactly is business casual? What is casual for me may not be what is casual for you. I could think its ok to wear a Blazer and Denim pants to the beach (I don’t), you may think I’ve lost my mind (you think I’m amazing). In light of this, I’ve put together a nice likkle list fi unuh. This segment is dedicated to those among us who genuinely have no clue what to wear to a wedding or find it challenging to crack the [dress] code.

  • Formal or Black Tie

This means you should let out your inner celebrity and get yourself an Oscar worthy gown darling! So if that invite says Black Tie or Formal, opt for an evening gown, meaning floor length with a dark, neutral or metallic tone. So think navy, burgundy, black, nude, sequin, satin or glitter .

  • Cocktail/Semi-Formal/Dressy Casual

If the dress code says either of the above, then I know I should wear a mid to knee length dress, something party ready, a.k.a a cocktail dress. Perfect for hitting the dance floor in full force

  • Casual

If the dress code says casual, this means you can wear pretty much anything you want, however I recommend a flowy Summer Dress and cute flats or strappy heels for the occasion. But! Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever, ever EVER wear denim! Unless the invitation specifically asks that you do so, ( in the case of a themed wedding…keep reading) for the love of God and all things sacred DON’T DO IT!

3. Themes

Themes are usually very direct and require basic research to understand what is required of you. For instance, if the invitation says “20’s Hollywood glam” simply hit up Google or Pinterest for ideas. Then you’ll know this was the flapper girl and pin-up era, which calls for sequins, a nice pin up and lots and lots of fringe.

4. Time

The time of the wedding can also determine what you’re expected to wear. Morning into afternoon weddings are usually less formal, so you’re expected to be semi formally attired in colours of a brighter hue. Shorter dresses or jumpsuits, work well for this time of day. Also opt for light, airy textured fabrics, they tend to be more relaxed without being too casual. Evening weddings on the other hand tend to be a lot more formal, so evenings gowns with darker shades and heavier textures work best.


You’ve probably heard this before, but when attending your loved one’s wedding, your aim should never be to out dress or ‘upstage’ the bride. Unless the couple requests an all-white affair, try to stay away from white on someone else’s wedding day. So let’s save the cute little white dress for another occasion and let the blushing bride have her moment.

There you have it folks, I hope this concise guide, provides you with some well-needed tips on dressing for a wedding. If you’re still not 100% sure what to wear, try to go a little more formally. Its best to be over dressed , than under dressed , we’re turning heads for the right reasons .

 Feel free to reach out to me on either of my handles below if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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