The top five (5) things to consider when choosing a wedding gown.

Greetings beautiful people!

One of the the first things I ask my prospective brides, is what is your body type and where will the wedding be held? Why? because getting the right dress is dependent on your answer to both those questions, in addition to your budget ,being open minded and the trends at the time. There are of course other elements to consider, however these are the top 5 based on my limited, yet significant experience.


Its important to understand how much you can afford to spend on your wedding gown, as this will decidedly make your shopping experience much easier. I know its easy to get carried away looking at gorgeous wedding gowns without considering the cost, however the last thing you want to do, is fall in love with a gown you cannot afford. There are few things which hurt more than heartbreak and this for sure is one of them . Be sure to do your research and determine the styles you like, and those that suit your body type, as well as the cost associated with each. Also be sure to shop around and compare prices, you may just find a great dress below your budget and that in itself is a win.

Body Type

I’ve said this time and time again and I will continue to say it until I am blue in the face. Choosing the correct gown for your figure is the difference between looking look a goddess walking among men and looking like frumpy old maiden. The best thing you can do for yourself is to flatter your best features, particularly on your wedding day, and understanding the styles and cuts that go best with your shape is the best way to do so. If you have yet to know your specific body type, you can refer to a previous blog post CHOOSING THE RIGHT GOWN FOR YOUR BODY TYPE #GOODBODYTINGS . I also highly recommend that you visit a couple Bridal boutiques or trunk shows and do a few fittings to get a feel of how certain styles fit your body…you’re welcome 🙂

NB: This recommendation also stands if you’re getting a custom made gown.


This tip isn’t a must, but its a good place to start, especially if you’re indecisive. Looking at current trends will allow you to take a look at elements you like based on general fashion trends that you’re probably already fond of. For this year’s Bridal trends, check out a previous blog post TOP 10 BRIDAL GOWN TRENDS FOR 2019

Be Open-Minded

If you’re like me, then you’re the type of person who is sure what she wants right off the bat. It also means you tend to stick with that choice come hell or high water. This isn’t the best approach when wedding dress shopping. I’m not saying go in blind, I’m saying its ok to have your preferences, but its also good to be open to other ideas, should your preset conceptions and expectations not work out. Maybe you’ve always wanted to wear a Trumpet gown to your wedding, but at the fitting, its just not working out, then would be a good time to try a simple ball gown or an A-line gown.


Would you wear a slinky sheer gown to a traditional church wedding? Neither would I , and this is why location is also a huge consideration when choosing a wedding gown. A heavily embellished lace ball gown would be inappropriate for a beach wedding, and so would a thick satin gown with a long train. Beach weddings require lighter fabrics, as beaches tend to be breezy, and of course sandy and light fabrics are overall just more comfortable for such a setting.

Wedding gown shopping can be overwhelming, but I can guarantee that if you follow these tips carefully, your experience will not only be made easier, but you will also enjoy every minute of it. Thanks for reading and happy Shopping ladies!

Look out for my next blog post, The Best Wedding Gown styles for any venue. Remember to follow my IG @amahlecreates to see my work, talk soon!

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