The Top 10 Bridal Gown Trends for 2020!

Hola! Feliz Ano Nuevo! I’ve been MIA for a while but I promise its for a good reason. I’ll give you a proper update soon, but just know it includes learning a new language 🙂 in the meantime, its that time of year again when we all set goals for the months ahead and try to level up in a meaningful way (The obligatory goal setting should also go for your wardrobe , just saying). My first Blog Post for the year is dedicated to all my 2020 brides-to-be. If your wedding is within the next three (3) months, then you are LATE to dress shopping! very VERY late. Nevertheless, I’m happy share with you my carefully curated list of Bridal Gown Trends for 2020, which should help you expedite your shopping experience despite your obvious tardiness 🙂 . We must also note, that 2020 is shaping up to be a tremendously fashionable year for brides, its a great time to be a BRIDE!


Every woman has owned atleast one good Blazer in her life right? Its that staple piece that you can dress down with shorts and sandals or dress up with a cute pair of heels. (Not me though, I tend to look boyish in the thing :/)We also see where the The Mini Blazer Dress increased in popularity last year and became a trendy piece. Trends tend to be recycled, but they always come back a little more trendy and a little cooler too. The same can be said for Bridal Suiting. Last year one of the Bridal Trends was Pants Suits; this year, that trend has been tweaked a bit to include colours, textures and embellishments in the form of the Bridal Blazer . That’s right! Brides are wearing Blazers…who’d have thought! Personally speaking, I’m not a Bridal Blazer kinda gal, but I think this option is perfect for a small or Courthouse Wedding. You also have the option of throwing on a cute veil if you’re doing a traditional ceremony .


Yes, Corsetry is a word…and absolutely a personal favourite. This trend is bringing regal sex appeal to weddings in 2020. For my readers who aren’t familiar, a Corset is a tight fitting item of clothing previously worn strictly as an undergarment, to train the waistline. The aim was to achieve the highly desirous hour glass figure by women and in some cultures men as well. It is pulled tightly around the waist until the desired shape is achieved. The Corset has since been re-imagined and no longer serves as an undergarment only, but is now worn as fashionable tops, evening gowns etc. Donning the Corset is the BEST way to cinch that waistline if you’re going for a tapered appearance. Corsets have a way of ‘jujjing’ up a look and I LIVE for a snatched waist! If you’re as passionate about this trend as I am , you may want to start looking, as these are increasing in popularity. This re-emerging trend has various executions as well, from the exposed boning boudoir varieties, to completely hidden so the chances of two corset gowns looking the very same are slim to none.

3.Tiered Skirts

Brick pan Brick pan Brick! 😀 I love that song, in this case though its layer on layer on layer. This 2020 Bridal Trend is in my opinion a new approach to the traditional Ball Gown or A-Line dress. Its fun, its edgy and can still be sexy with the right neckline. It also adds romantic movement and is perfect for twirling and gliding on the dance floor. So are u ‘tiery’ eyed?

4. Florals and Bright Colours

While white is still the preferred option for brides, and increasing number are opting for more bolders prints and colours. Last year we saw where Blush and Champagne were popular among brides. This years we will be seeing more colours being added to the bridal palette with shades like baby blue and emerald green expected to make their presence known. Floral prints and embroidery will also be a big trend so if your aim is to add a whimsical ethereal feel to your wedding, these are some great options. Ughh! I just love how daring and adventurous Bridal looks have gotten over the years! and I’m fully getting Fairy Princess vibes from this trend.

5.Puff Sleeves

Last year Statement Sleeves were trending in Bridal Fashion. In the upcoming year sleeves will still be making a statement but in a much BIGGER way. Puff Sleeves are back! I’m suddenly experiencing a wave of unpleasant nostalgia. My mother was a huge proponent of dressing little girls like little girls and for her that meant bows, embroidered stockings WITH frilly socks, poofy dresses and PUFF SLEEVES, which I hated!

In 2020 though I’m hoping Ill have more favourable feelings toward this re emerging trend. Yes, re-emerging, as big sleeves were a major fashion statement back in the 80’s . Princess Diana who was a major fashion Icon of that Maximalist era paired her puffy ball gown with gigantic puff sleeves on her wedding day. A far cry from the Minimalist approach of her now daughter-in-law , Meghan Merkle, who popularized the simplistic approach to wedding gowns recently.

This new take on Puff Sleeves are however a lot more subtle and represent the essence of tasteful romance. So puff puff or pass?

6. Mini Dresses

This year we will see a lot more women opting for a shorter dress with simpler silhouettes. It costs less, and can be re-purposed to be worn again, which is a major concern among a number of modern brides.When it comes to this trend though, I’m more conventional in my approach, I mean ,how often do you get to wear a cascading gown. On the other hand, mini dresses are a great opportunity to show off those great legs and some killer heels.

These are also a great option for a reception dress or rehearsal dinner, if you’re choosing to go with a traditional gown for your ceremony.


An interesting trend we see emerging on the Bridal Scene is feathers. Whether it be a lightly dusted mini dresses or fully embellished bridal gowns , feathers add a bit of romantic Hollywood Glamour to these wedding gowns. There are a variety of feathery options to choose from… simple, extravagant or anything in-between .

8. Ruffles

Ruffles add an ultra feminine detail to any look . Its like a sea of froth flowing down a beautiful bridal silhouette. It adds a great deal of dimension to a mermaid cut gown while for a full skirt it brings some whimsical yet romantic elements. Its almost playful 🙂 .

9. Light Weight Gowns

More and more brides are moving away from the billowing ball gown varieties and opting for lighter, airy gown options . These add whimsy, a great deal of sex appeal and romance and are muccccch easier to walk and dance in. Might I add also that these light weight gowns are also cooler…I mean literally cooler and as such, serve as great options for an outdoor garden or beach wedding in the Summer .

10. Minimalism

Last year Minimalism was a big trend, which was made popular by Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Its back this year and to be honest I don’t think its going anywhere. This trend will just like lace and the ball gown cut, will become a classic in bridal Fashion. Simple lines, clean cuts and little to no embellishments are expected to be very popular again this year. These dresses are also a good choice if you wish to re-purpose your gown into something more wearable in the future.

There you have it! I hope this list makes your wedding shopping easier, or atleast gives you something to work with, in terms the looks you may or may not like, and what is fashionable this season. Different trends can be mixed and matched as you so wish so be open in your dress hunting.

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Also feel free to suggest a topic for my next Blog post.

Thanks for reading and talk soon!

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