The top fashion trends for summer 2020

Whew! Has 2020 been wild or what? I mean from bush fires to a threat of war and the first pandemic of this magnitude in decades, wreaking havoc on large and small nations alike, we have survived! As we regain a relative sense of normalcy, and outside gradually reopens, we welcome with open arms the opportunity to wear something other than pajamas and house dresses! Yasss !

There’s nothing like getting a fresh fit after two loooong months at home, a time fi do road again, and you have to make a grand (stylish) entrance to your first post COVID event. Mi right or mi right? So as per usual, I am here to share with you my specially curated list of fashion trends for Summer 2020. Grab a cool drink cause its about to get hot…lol So other than the obvious sun dress, bathing suit and cotton shorts, this year’s trends will have you wearing strings, (not that kind lol), sheer fabrics and bras *side eye*.


I’m just as surprised as you are that this is a thing, but hey , don’t knock it til you try it. This gathered effect adds interest, a toops of volume and a sporty laid back feel to an outfit. Ideal for transitioning from yaad clothes to going out clothes lol (all Jamaicans please stand up) . This is di only drawout mi a tek btw!


I don’t think these have ever gone out of style, so if you still have a dress or top in your wardrobe with a cut out, now is the time to dust it off and give it new life. Also, if you’re attending a wedding this Summer, the side cut out adds a lil supm supm to your outfit. Can be dressed up with heels and dressed down in flats and a pop of colour never hurt anyone, after all, its SUMMER!. Oh and another thing! You NEED that summer get away now that the hotels and villas are reopening . SHAMELESS PLUG- Check out Lashings in Treasure Beach St. Elizabeth, a hidden gem on the South Coast of Jamaica. I went there recently and I truly can’t tell the last time I felt that level of tranquility-UNPLUG. The cut out is a very fitting piece to take along with you while you get your tourist on, put it on your packing list!


Suns out Boobs out! Yep you read that right, whether it be Bras, Bralettes or Bustiers, if you have a fashion statement to make, say it with your chest! Summer is a as good a time as any (if not the best time) to add a cute bralette to your summer fashion haul. Paired with an over-sized blazer or baggy pants, worn over or under a cute top, bras are fun and flirty and should definitely be added to your packing list for that getaway to Lashings we spoke about earlier .


Is it me or do these trends all have romantic a undertone so far? And as if bralettes weren’t romantic enough, our next trend is Sheer. Tops, bottoms, even bras are displaying this must have trend. Summer tends to be a little on the warm side so sheer (depending on the fabric) isn’t a bad choice for the next two months. The great thing about adding Sheer to your closet is that it can be paired with almost anything without error.


Summer and shorts are basically synonyms and each year shorts bring with it a new trend. Summer 2019 Bikers Shorts, and paper bag shorts were all the rage and we typically see denim or cotton dominating that arena. This year however shorts of the satin and stretch knit variety will be trending heavily.

There are more trends such as linen and baby doll dresses that I could have included however I wanted to keep this post as short as possible. So now that you have all the deets, its time to go shopppppinnng! Or don’t… after these last few months, whatever you need to do to calm your spirit and return to normalcy do it, responsibly.

Thank you so much for catching up with me, hopefully this brief guide goes a long way in helping you with your post COVID shopping spree or just keeping you up to date with the current trends. Please continue to keep safe as we manoeuvre this game of final destination known as year 2020, may the odds be ever in your favour!

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Talk soon!

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