So I blog now…

Exactly a year ago, I noticed a sudden increase in the number of bloggers around me, and by around me, I mean locally, in Jamaica. I hastened to share with my friends and anyone who’d listen, that I’m not one for trends and pledged immediately that this is one train I would never hop onto. Besides, what would I write about, I’m not that good at writing anyway, who would even read it?

Welp, here I am months later launching a blog to write about the things I’m most passionate about; Clothing, fashion and designing, (in addition to chronicling my journey to becoming one of the Caribbean’s top designers yassss!). I’ll be providing tips, tricks and hacks on just about everything fashion related, with a particular focus on weddings. My name is Sasheena Douglas, Communications Officer by day and Fashion Designer by night 🙂

Before I go any further though, let me provide you with a little background. This wasn’t the plan…this was NEVER the plan. The plan was to become a nurse, yes you read right, but I was 6, doh stress mi. It then changed and I wanted to be a singer, had a great voice and everythaaang, that didn’t follow through either. At age 12 the plan was to become a Fashion Designer my mom bought me pencil crayons and markers, sketch pads etc. I designed my first outfit and she paid to have it made (my A1 from day 1). In high school, when it was time to select a career, I went in another direction, Architecture. As you can see, that didn’t pan out either. By the time University came around I was in full designer/entrepreneur mode. I made and sold hair accessories from old clothing, so yes, I was up-cycling before it was even a thing. At this interval I must give the biggest shout out to my friend Sashane Hyde (cues tear jerking tune) who saw something in me that not many people did at the time, and saw how much bigger I could be with just a little nudge. She encouraged me to really push this designing thing and for that, I am forever grateful.

 Fast forward to age 27, I have a B.a in something that has nothing to do with fashion, a full time job, I am a fashion designer and now a blogger! Who needs a social life? Pssh! 

Now that you know a little about me, we can jump right into it. I truly look forward to sharing and learning all things fashion with you, stay tuned!

Talk soon!